About Allied Construction Services Inc.


Our philosophy is to do quality work…on time…on budget…and in a courteous and professional manner, and to stand behind our work.  Our job is to make ours be a problem that our customer’s DON’T have.  Thus, we make our customers look good to THEIR customers.

Allied was founded in 1950 by Robert L Maddox in Des Moines, Iowa.  Branch offices were opened in Bettendorf, Iowa in 1955, Peoria, Illinois in 1966, Omaha, Nebraska in 1983 and Kansas City, Kansas in 1997.  Allied acquired Color, Inc., a painting and wall covering contractor in 1971.  Color, Inc. currently has offices in Des Moines, Iowa, Bettendorf, Iowa, Omaha, Nebraska and Kansas City, Kansas.

Allied scopes of work include heavy gauge metal framing, light gauge metal framing, insulation, EIFS, stucco, plastering, drywall assemblies, acoustical ceilings, specialty ceilings, access flooring, operable walls and our Des Moines office also does flooring.

Allied has done very small jobs, all the way up to project contracts of over 10 million dollars.  Allied has never caused a project to not meet a schedule.  This accomplishment is after we have performed on many thousands of projects over the years.  Our safety record is beyond reproach, and our bonding rate is one of the lowest in the entire industry.